Feature Friday: iSTYLEZ6 AKA @iSTYLEZ80NINE

IStylez6 or iStylez80nine is a player that I have known for awhile and have played with in the past.  When we have played he is a playmaking type PG that can score and see the floor well.  He has potential to become one of the players in the league if he stays focus and keeps … Continue reading Feature Friday: iSTYLEZ6 AKA @iSTYLEZ80NINE



As I promised, every Friday I will be featuring one or two NBA 2k players on my blog.  This week I wanted to feature a woman NBA 2k by the name of ABPureblood20.  Checkout her info and make sure you follow her on her social media.   ABPureblood20 Age: 26 Additional Info:  Played high school … Continue reading FEATURE FRIDAY: ABPureblood20

#TBT Games I Loved Growing UP: ESPN NFL 2K5

Ok, this week I am featuring a game that I played when I was a semi-adult and still growing so this counts.  ESPN NFL 2K5, in my opinion was the most memorable football video game I have played in recent years.  2Ksports was trying to set itself apart from all the other sports video game … Continue reading #TBT Games I Loved Growing UP: ESPN NFL 2K5


I will keep going with one more Sega Genesis game, well actually it was an arcade game as well, Pit-Fighter.  Pit-Fighter or as we would say growing up “Pit-Fight” (don’t ask) was released in 1990.  I can not remember if I played it at the arcade first or on Genesis first.  I want to say … Continue reading #TBT GAMES I LOVED GROWING UP: PIT-FIGTHER

Has Social Media Helped Gaming?

Everyone that games knows party chats always spark great conversations.  This past weekend I posed the question:  Has social media and streaming services helped gaming or hindered gaming? I know there are many points that can be argued let me know your opinions Like, Share and Comment. SOCIAL MEDIA HAS HELPED GAMING IN THE FOLLOWING … Continue reading Has Social Media Helped Gaming?

5 of My All-Time Free Playstation Store Games.

Dating back to the PS3 days the PlayStation Store has seen its fair share of games that were free, well with a PlayStation Plus membership. I have compiled a short list of 5 games that have been free in the PlayStation Store, in my opinion are some of greats.  Leave a comment and share your … Continue reading 5 of My All-Time Free Playstation Store Games.