10 of the Worst Things and 10 of the Best Things About Being a Female Gamer

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I posed this question in a group chat I am in on Twitter with female gamers.  What is the best thing about being a female gamer and the worst thing about being a female gamer?  Women that game are looked at to be such a rarity, especially in eSports.  Women that play video games are sometimes expected to play Sims, mobile puzzles and strategic type of games.  I guess our minds are complicated (Lol), but we do like COD, 2K, and Madden as well.  Until recently, running into women on NBA 2K was like seeing Bigfoot and I always had a mindset of “She good, she not better than me, but she good.”  I had to catch myself, why was I letting my male teammates pin me against her?  That is one gripe I have about being the only female in my group of gaming friends they always treat the female as a mascot or fighting Pitbull (treating us like b!#%hes hmph!).  Anyway, I have comprised a list of the 10 of the worst things about being a female gamer and the 10 of the best things about being a female gamer.  Read, comment and share.  Thanks to all my strong woman that contributed to this list I appreciate you all keep gaming!

10 Worst Things About Being a Female Gamer:

  1. The weird messages.  I think this is number one on many women’s list.  Its worse on gaming because most guys are typically kind of socially awkward that are gamers, so they do not know how to come at a woman.  I have been sent pictures, cursed out for not responding, asked for pics, asked for sexual favors all after playing one round of search and destroy.  IMG_5147
  2. Being pitted against other female gamers. “Ooo you all should play each other” Why dude?
  3. Expected to only play games like bejeweled or The Sims. I like them games, but I can rock on 2k, Fortnite, Madden and Call of Duty as well.
  4. Being underestimated.  Especially in NBA 2k, if you drop 50 on someone head and they are like “Ohhhhh that’s a girl” like it’s a rare thing that women can be beast at a video game
  5. Being overestimated. I hate to say it do be some trash female players that dudes be reppin and they are not that good they just keep them around like a mascot. No let me keep it real the guys think they going to get lucky with the female lol.
  6. Becoming an instant target. Soon as a man sees a woman is beating them at a game they play harder.  I have had experiences in 2k and some shooters where once your opponent(s) find out a girl is beating them they feed them the ball, or you have 5 people shooting at you in Call of Duty or Rainbow 6.
  7. If you have kids or you don’t have kids being asked “What you going to do when you have kids, you still going to play the game.” Ummmmmm yeah and they are going to learn lol.  I think that goes for all gamers I believe.
  8. If you find a group of friends to regularly play with they take ownership over you. I speak from semi-experience, its like they do not want to play with any other group.
  9. Being asked by a 10-year-old “are you really a girl?” and then they proceed to call your name on the mic 20,000 times “Ay crazygirl, crazygirl, crazygirl, crazygirl, crazygirl, hey crazy, crazygirl” then you finally say “Yes” “Are you really a girl?”

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10.  Being called a dude when your gamertag have all indications that you are a woman “QueenPrincessMotherEarth come on my dude, this guy needs to shoot”

Not all things are bad 10 Best Things about being a Female Gamer:

    1. Just being a gamer in general it broadens the connection with people you know.  I have friendships with people from all over the world and knowing these people have made me a better person just from listening to their experiences.
    2. Being a female especially, a black female gamer it’s a way from me to show young ladies coming up that you can like to play 2k or call of duty. You can ask for a game system for Christmas or your birthday.
    3. Even though sometimes guys try to cheese and overplay you because they do not want to lose to a woman, the competition is sometimes welcomed and the sweet victory of you beating them are some of my best gaming moments.
    4. I have learned so much about how men think gaming with them. Sitting in the chat listening to how they interact in their relationships and how they think has made me be more aware in my personal relationship.
    5. Being in a relationship you are not the nagging girlfriend that does not want their partner to game. Most likely you all are gaming together and have an understanding when you can not hit pause during a Pro-Am game.
    6. When you do discover other women its kind of a “The Color Purple” moment running across the field to greet your sister like “Yes I am here too!” Image result for the color purple gif
    7.  I know for me gaming keeps me calm and helps me think and problem solve.
    8. It is a great networking tool in male dominated industry. Sometimes you might not can relate to people at work or at school, but gaming can be a common interest that shows a side of you that some men would be surprise that you can talk about with knowledge.
    9. This is for all gamers, you gain friends that you can talk about anything with be it male or female. Video game chats can get deep and intellectual and so much fun.
    10. With the advancements in gaming such as streaming and using YouTube and social media to for exposure. Women gamers are more visible and have opinions in the gaming world.

While asking many other Woman gamers I receive the illest quote from @Lady_Infamous30 “Best thing about being a female gamer is being yourself the worst part is not being yourself”




5 thoughts on “10 of the Worst Things and 10 of the Best Things About Being a Female Gamer

  1. Loved the part about the non nagging girlfriend i swear that would be me lol like hey bae lets just play together AND ill bust yo butt 😂


  2. Good read.. I already figured some of these things occurred.. Learned a bit more about some of the nonsense and there’s know chance of you figuring out how I think, (“I am chaos”..😎) 👀😳🤔✊🏾

    Liked by 1 person

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