Adulting and Gaming

Being a REAL grown-up can be hard when you have a passion for gaming.  Many do not understand that you can not pause during a NBA 2K Pro-am game.  It is hard for your significant other, who may not be a gamer, to comprehend that you have tried ten times to beat a mission and if they give you three more attempts you will pause and come eat dinner or watch a movie.  Also, having to explain to your kid they are not able to use your PS4 to watch PJ Masks (shout out to Catboy) on Netflix because your friends online NEED you to play squads on Fortnite.  Only gamers who are adults know how you must mute your mic because it maybe a potential argument in your house or you are yelling at your kids.  Additionally, shoutout to Bedaboss24, how do you deal with it being down by two with six seconds in a NBA 2K18 Pro-am game and your sharpshooting teammate that is HOT has a wide open three-pointer in the corner and your one-year old daughter decides to grab the controller and calls timeout leaving your team with about .9 seconds left on the clock.

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The decisions, oh my, the life decisions you make pertaining to gaming “Do I want to take off the Friday of the 2K early release?”  “Am I going to this midnight release even though I go to bed at 10 pm?”  “My PlayStation Plus expired and I do not get paid until Friday!” *makes another account*.

One more example is all your friends have downloaded a game that someone said “Its fun all of us can play online” everyone has the game, but you and you looking at your checking and savings and the way it is set up you can afford it, but the adult in you fighting with the gamer in you:

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Gamer:  Go ahead you going to be stuck playing 2k and they are going to be having so much fun playing this new awesome game.

Adult:  You can do so much with that $60 dollars that is gas, food, or you could put it towards a bill. Yeah bills you remember those don’t you.

Gamer:  Then you are going to be in the chat trying to have a convo while they are talking about the new, fun, awesome game that you know nothing about!

Adult:  You know you have an appointment this week and your co-pay is $40 just get it later.

Then you wait and get the game a week later download it learn how to play and get in a chat bragging to your online friends like “Yeaaaahhhhhh I’m on with y’all” here two things generally happen, either you too far behind to catch up with the progression they have made and they do not feel like helping you catch up so they say things like “Did you get to this part?  Oh, naw get pass that and then you can play because you going to be lost were we at” or this “Mannnnn we were about to hop on 2k we haven’t been playing like that it was fun for a few days you have to take breaks from that game we trying to hoop!”  Awww friends….

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  1. You go Crazygirl84! Thx for your contribution to the discussion and the culture #SimNation #RatedSim #Balllikeher #2kcommunity


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