#TBT Games I Loved Growing Up: STREETS OF RAGE

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Every Thursday I will feature one game I enjoyed playing growing up.  Also, I will discuss if the game could transfer over to the current consoles and current gaming trends. “Streets of Rage” was released on Sega Genesis on August 2, 1991.  It featured 3 characters Adam, Axel, and Blaze.  As I was gathering information, I did not know the characters had background stories or nor did I care back in 1991 because at the age of 7, I just wanted to press buttons and beat the game.  “Streets of Rage” is the first game I could remember being co-op, besides Contra.  It was three games in this series, but I remember the first one more than any of them.  Me and my cousins would play this game for hours completing it on every skill level and if you died you had to pass the controller.  Hitting things in the street could unveil weapons or health.  If you hit a trashcan hard enough it would disappear and you could have a knife or pipe!  Each level had bosses that were bigger than the characters you played with, but if you got into too much trouble you could press “C” and trigger your characters special ability.  I believe Axel could summon a police car that would shoot or rocket.

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The enemies you encountered walking the streets were pretty tough as well some carried knives, chains, bats and pipes.  Also, if you knocked over a mailbox and it was a knife under there enemies could pick it up and stab you with it.  I remember the one guy that would hold the knife with two hands and just walk back and forth across the screen.  He was annoying, especially if you had multiple enemies coming at you at once.

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My question, could a game like this be made for today’s consoles or would it be a great mobile game?  Of course the graphics would be updated, it could be an open-world game with your friends online.  You all could pick which characters you wanted to be and walk through the streets completing missions.  The game could incorporate characters from all three games of the series to give users more to choose.  I am curious to see everyone’s thoughts let me know if you remember this game and comment if you would like to see it make a comeback today.    Thank you and check out this video below of some courtesy of World of Longplays Youtube channel.



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