It is the time of the year when you start to see “wishlist” for NBA 2K.  In my opinion here are some of the things that I would like to see in NBA 2K19.  Thank you COMMENT, SHARE AND LIKE.

  • GAMEPLAY – PRIVATE MATCHMAKING.  This is my number one because of the NBA eLeague I believe we need a competitive space for people outside of the 102.  Seeing top teams and players play against each other would create a buzz around the competition of Pro-am that will have people watching the eLeague as well.
  • GAMEPLAYUNREALISTIC ANIMATION.  NBA 2k prides itself on being a basketball simulation game.  Some animations in the game do not mimic real basketball.  One example is some of the catching that totally voids the reason for having a hands rating.  A player catches the ball and it seems as though they have thrown the ball out of bounds for no reason instead of securing the ball.  Also, the backboard is invisible you can not use it as a shield from defenders because they can ghost through the rim.
  • GAMEPLAY – DEFENSIVE BALANCE.   The offense seems to be overpowered and they have a quicker reaction than the defense in the game.  For example, I steal the ball and my defensive player walks around like he is lost like he did not just strip the ball while the offensive players can find the ball with great speed.  The defensive speed is sluggish compared to the offense.
  • GAMEPLAY – COURT SIZE VS. PLAYER SIZE.  Too many closeouts happen that if you play basketball would not be defensive plays that are possible.  Centers can move from baseline to baseline .  NBA 2k11 had a good balance can we get that again. Image result for nba 2k11 court spacingImage result for nba 2k11 crew swat team
  • GAMEPLAY – LIMITLESS RANGE BADGE. I am not saying people can not shoot from a distance.  My opinion is the percentage is way to high from that distance. This is why in Pro-am you only see “5 out” offense no motion because its not possible to guard that person and adjust defensively for reasons I previously spoke upon dealing with defensive speed.  The combine was enjoyable because the limitless threes were toned.
  • GAMEPLAY – REAL BALL PHYSICS. The ball still flies out of bounds and goes in directions that it should not during certain plays.  Too often the ball gets stripped and rolls at 100 MPH to the opposite end of the court.
  • GAMEPLAY – CONTESTED SHOT RATING IS HIGHER THAN OPEN SHOT. It promotes bad basketball in my opinion.
  • GAMEPLAY – BALANCE BETWEEN ANIMATION AND SIMULATION.  Yes, it is a video game, but we need to try to get closer to realistic movements and details as we can besides visually.  We must make sure animations can be countered by other animations.  For example, I should not get my ankles broken from the same repetitive crossover a person does just because they know how to trigger an animation.
  • MYCAREER – ATTRIBUTE UPGRADE SYSTEM. I would like to go back to individually upgrading my ratings.  Suggestion, if you purchase VC you can initially get your person to an 85 allow me to have a certain amount of points to put up any attribute I want with certain caps of course based on position.  If I want to have a shooting big man I should be able to put his shooting ratings up individually, but I take a hit in another rating.  We are creating our own archetypes instead of preset types.
  • MYCAREER-THE STORY IS DRY.  We need stories that have different paths.  We should all have different career paths based on decisions we make in the story.  If 2k wants to make this mode like an RPG the story needs to branch in different directions.  They were on a path of doing that at one point and stopped.
  • MYCAREERTHE NEIGHBORHOOD.  It is an excellent concept just need to be tuned and updated with relevant pieces.  It is a wide space and everything is not utilized. Suggestions for the neighborhood:
  1.  5v5 blacktop court
  2. Set up “the playground” like MyPark was in the past.  You can walk to different Parks or travel by subway and each park is unique.  Does not have to be Sunset, Flyers, and Rough Riders again.
  3. A shootaround court where you can test your jumpshots before playing a Park or Pro-am game.
  4. Get rid of the Venue and make a Rec Center.  It can include 3v3, 2v2, 21 and 5v5.  The 5v5 could be 15 minute running clock game with timeouts.
  5. A store instead of Kiosk to purchase user created shirts, shoes, shorts and tattoos.  Embedded
  • MYPARK – BRING IT BACK. Playgrounds is a miss, I do not frequent the MyPark/Playgrounds mode, but I played more when they had the affiliations and incorporated the Jordan Rec Center.  Only thing if you do bring the rec center and MyPark you should only be restricted in playing with your affiliated park on competition days.




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