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I have had Fortnite for awhile and have learned to play the basics.  With the popularity growing since you see NBA, NFL and music stars such as Drake and Travis Scott even stream and play this FREE game has taking the gaming world by storm (see what I did there).  I play some, but only in squads with my 13-year-old nephew or cousins because I need to get in the backpack and get carried.  I just know how to shoot…. that is where my skill level begins and ends.  I thought I could pick up on it and then I messed up and watched some streams of people building one-bedroom apartments with an open concept kitchen family room and a fireplace and once you enter it could be a deathtrap.  Really, I just wanted to check out the fort ☹ I didn’t want to get spiked to death and all my belongings just left me dead in the living room.  I am a gamer and if everyone knows gamers are so competitive its sickening, so I think I am going to sit this game out and observe the hilarious and amazing videos of people wins on social media.  Leave a comment below are you a Fortnite master or have you sat this game out?


  1. I’m average in my opinion.. I can build to protect teammates who’ve been knocked but I rarely build in fights and I can hold my own in shootouts.. I have not sat this game out.. Keep trying, you will only get better with practice,also after you die watch some of the other players to gain tips..

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