Has Social Media Helped Gaming?

Everyone that games knows party chats always spark great conversations.  This past weekend I posed the question:  Has social media and streaming services helped gaming or hindered gaming? I know there are many points that can be argued let me know your opinions Like, Share and Comment.

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  • News and information is shared quickly.
  • You are able to interact with developers.  Social media is a great way for companies and consumers to get feedback and give feedback on games.
  • It has be influential in the development of eSports.  I think the instant spread of information has created a space for gamers to post clips and YouTube videos.  It has created a space where people want to watch people game competitively.
  • Created careers.  People now have made millions of dollars from gaming and posting videos on YouTube.  It has also, sparked careers within the gaming industry.  Many people have went from fan to employee by posting and sharing their views on games and their experiences.
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  • The exposure of glitches and loopholes.  I know sports games always seem to be the target of many videos for unbeatable shots and plays.  Madden had that glitch where the running back didn’t get tackled.Image result for madden tackle glitch gif
  • It has stifled innovation.  For example, so many people can offer their gripes and complaints to developers.  Developers receive instant analytics and feedback that they just cater to what they might hear via social media and not come up with new and exciting concepts.  Has a game this console of gaming blew you away yet?
  • If you are a streamer or YouTuber it can take the fun out of gaming.  I did YouTube briefly and I started to not have fun with the games I was playing.  I was playing the game to post.  Anyone that has a friend for a streamer or YouTube know how sometimes its frustrating because they are trying to make “highlights” instead of playing naturally.

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