I will keep going with one more Sega Genesis game, well actually it was an arcade game as well, Pit-FighterPit-Fighter or as we would say growing up “Pit-Fight” (don’t ask) was released in 1990.  I can not remember if I played it at the arcade first or on Genesis first.  I want to say it was on Genesis, but nonetheless it was a fun game that featured 3 player co-op mode.  People that know me know that I am an only child, but I have about 34234234924 cousins that are my same age, so my house was the sleepover, spend-all day Saturday house.  I had 3 controllers, the one that came with the game, the controller where you could hit the switch and made your buttons go into turbo mode, so you could kick faster (that was cheating), and later I got the 6-button controller from my cousin who had moved on and got Sega CD.pit4

Anyway, the game featured 3 characters “Buzz” Ty” and “Kato” and they all had special abilities and skills.  Buzz was the big and strong character who was an ex-professional wrestler, Ty was the kickboxer and Kato was the 3rd degree black belt.  I enjoyed playing with Ty the most.  What I learned while posting this blog is the graphics back then where innovative because they used actors for the characters and inserted their movements into the game that made the graphics seem so great, well for back then.

Image result for pit fighter gif
Ty was my favorite

Gameplay was great pretty much just a fight club type atmosphere.  If you were playing co-op, you and up to 2 other people could fight each match together.  As you progressed you would face tougher opponents.  You would use your skills to fight, but also could fight with stuff thrown from the crowd or you could pick up a stool and beat your opponent up.  It was fun just to pick up and play and fight simple game.  At the end of the matches you would measure how much money you earned with the crowd cheering you on.

Related image
3 on 2 these guys were easy to beat for your first match
Image result for pit-fighter gif
This enemy was always in the crowd trying to stab you.  In match 7, you try to get revenge.
Related image
Earn money after each match based on performance


At the end you had a final battle, now I can’t remember if you were playing co-op did you have to fight each other after the battle with the final boss or did you fight each other before you could fight the boss and get the big money?  Anyway, could we see a remake of this title hit me up on twitter @crazyg84 or comment below.

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