#TBT Games I Loved Growing UP: ESPN NFL 2K5

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Ok, this week I am featuring a game that I played when I was a semi-adult and still growing so this counts.  ESPN NFL 2K5, in my opinion was the most memorable football video game I have played in recent years.  2Ksports was trying to set itself apart from all the other sports video game companies and this was the year they released all their sports game lineups for the price of $19.99.  It shook up the Madden franchise so bad that EA sports lowered the price of their game to $29 and purchased the exclusive rights to the NFL the following year.  We have not had more than one football video game since, well besides when 2K made All-Pro football, but it did not have the current NFL players and teams.

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Great Customization


ESPN NFL 2K5 had great features and gameplay, for the price many people purchased it along with Madden 2005, and had a different gaming experience each title.  I eventually preferred playing NFL 2K.  It had feature called “The Crib” that you could customize your apartment, and play darts against people.  It had the “First-Person Football” mode where you could be inside the camera and play as if you were a real player.  The concept was fun, but difficult to play, I did sometime enjoy the challenge.  I can not remember was this the first game that featured “player lock” if someone knows let me know?  They had ESPN behind the broadcast, which made the game more fun and exciting with the  pre-game and halftime show and highlights.

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Helmet Cam
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The Crib

This is one game I know that would be great if it was developed today.  It just was cut short at an early age.  Seeing how NBA 2K has become the #1 basketball game the Madden team saw early they could not take 2K sports taking over both franchises.  Like, Share and Comment and let me know did you enjoy this game!  To refresh your memory check out the YouTube from Someother1ne  video below!


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