#TBT Games I Loved Growing Up: Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt along with Super Mario Brothers was the first game I ever played on Nintendo.  This game gives me so much nostalgia it makes me smile thinking about it.  I think we as gamers have games that soon as we think about it we have instant memories of playing, where you were and who you loved gaming with. 



I selected this game this week because it was released on April 21, 1984, I was born 7 days later.  I remember being like 3 or 4 playing Atari and when I was about 5 I think I got a Nintendo (Need to go through some old pictures).  Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt were the first two games I played on Nintendo.  You needed the Nintendo gun in order to play Duck Hunt because it was a simple, but fun gave of shooting ducks.


The fun came in the competitiveness me and my cousins had on who was the best.  Also, if you weren’t a fan of shooting ducks you could just do the clay shooting on there, but either way it was about who had the skills.  If you did not have what it takes, the dog on the game would let you know.  One of my cousins cried because the dog laughed at him and he was too loud and our grandma made us go to bed at 2pm LOL.

Image result for duck hunt gif
The First Troll lol!!

Needless to say this was just a pure fun game and it was definitely a game I enjoyed growing up.  I do think this game set the ground work for first-person shooters if we want to keep it real.  Share your thoughts and memories of this game Comment and Share this post.  


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