FEATURE FRIDAY: Bedaboss24 aka Butch850

When I looked to see who was up next for Feature Friday this week I was like…..

Image result for denzel my man gif

Bedaboss24 aka Butch850 or Baldy as we call him in our crew is a PF that plays big.  He is crafty to the basket and a fast high flyer willing to have his teammates back under the rim with great defensive plays.  If you ever want to ball with him contact him via social media he is always ready.  If you want to be featured on this blog click here and share and hit me up on my Twitter I’ll respond.



AGE:  32

Originally from Detroit lives in Miami, FL.  He is in the military and played football in college.  He recently won the Heatcheckgaming NBA 2K tournament.

TWITTER:  bedaboss24

YOUTUBE:  bedaboss24

What system(s) do you play NBA 2k on?


How long have you played the NBA 2k franchise? What was the first NBA 2k that you played?

I have been play 2K since 2009…

What mode(s) do you play in NBA 2k?

My career, MyGM

Do you play Pro-am?


If you answered yes do you play for a team(s) and state the name of your team(s)

Yes the BlackHawks

What position is your My Player? Also, with is your My Player archetype, weight, height and overall? 



Post scoring

athletic finisher

6’10” 240lbs

Did you participate in the 2k Combine? How was your overall experience?

Yes awesome a lot of competion and balanced gameplay.

Do you plan on participating in the NBA 2k League next season?


Best experience in Pro-Am. Most memorable game.

 Just playing with the homies


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