This week’s Feature Friday is a player by the name of JHolly43.  I appreciate him participating he looks like he is active in the NBA 2K Pro-am circuit.  He has multiple builds, but seems to be comfortable at the PF or Center position.   I like what he said when played a top team “Simple defense is better than risky defense” check him out below!  If you want to be featured on Friday click here I would appreciate it!




AGE:  23

LOCATION:  Montana

“I am a former D2 college player. As of now I’m in Montana (have been since I was a freshman in HS). I’m a father of three beautiful children and a husband.”







What system(s) do you play NBA 2k on?


How long have you played the NBA 2k franchise? What was the first NBA 2k that you played?

Since the first 2k game I played on Sega Dreamcast 2k1
Image result for nba 2k1
What mode(s) do you play in NBA 2k?

MyCareer and Pro Am

Do you play Pro-am?


If you answered yes do you play for a team(s) and state the name of your team(s)

Yes we are Real Recognize Real. All from different places so no real city, just a brotherhood. 

Real Recognize Real PS4

What position is your My Player? Also, with is your My Player archetype, weight, height and overall? (you may list multiple)

Multiple builds

7’3 Rebounding Athletic 

7’0 Two-Way Stretch.

Did you participate in the 2k Combine? How was your overall experience?

Yes, and I loved the competition. Going through the whole process made me hungry as ever to make the league next year.

Do you plan on participating in the NBA 2k League next season?


Best experience in Pro-Am. Most memorable game.

Beating the #3 team (at that time) with an 83 center was crazy. It was the moment I realized simple Defense is better than risky defense.


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