Will the NBA 2K League Give us a Better NBA 2K Video Game?

After the Memorial Day weekend, and taking advantage of the ONE day of double XP.  I have played a lot of NBA 2K over the last couple days than I normally do.  I also, got a chance to watch a few NBA 2K league games.

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The NBA 2K League is well on their way and it is becoming more entertaining and the games are getting more exciting.  As I watched, I have seen some gameplay issues that I am hoping since this platform is being streamed to thousands of people will be addressed in NBA 2K19.  The build that the league players are playing is significantly better than what we are playing on consoles, but there are still issues that need to be addressed for the next installment.


I will say the gameplay between the teams has become more intense and fun to watch than when the league started a couple weeks ago, but issues such as rebounding, 3 seconds in the paint, and dribble animations that should result in steals are at the top of my concerns.  Also, the dreaded “5-out” is always criticized, but my opinion it has to occur because of court size and that contested shots are rated higher than open shots.  This causes people to only space the floor in a certain way, and you could not run a play with two people on opposite sides of the block the paint will be too crowded.  Its even hard to get people to run motion cuts because its a slow down or the possibility of getting stuck in the paint if its another teammate near you.  How many of us have been making a cut or a movement and seem to warp back into the paint or sucked into a post animation?

In my opinion, what the game is lacking and it needs to return, is the off-ball animations using the right stick, that players could use to get open and the defensive players could counter as well.  Current gameplay, leaves wing players to stand still and occasionally setting an off-ball screen.  They could also risk a basket cut, if the player catches it clean, but if it is an AI player I would not risk it.

Who remembers this?

Defense has to be improved and the NBA 2K League has revealed that it has some on-ball defense issues.  So much it prompted a tweet about defense from Mike Wang, Gameplay Director for NBA 2K.


One game I was watching Cavs Legion play and it was one game where Hood scored like 40 pts and his defender played very good defense.  The defender put his hands straight up trapping Hood under the basket to cause a difficult standing lay-up.  Then Hood does a jab step on the baseline causing the defender to stumble back from the baseline to the free throw line.  If the defender is standing still in position, the offensive player’s animation should not impact a defensive player’s reaction!  How many of us that play NBA 2K have stood still while someone does 1,000 dribble moves and snatch backs and your player still reacts?


These sort of offensive animations that causes the defense to go into animations regardless of good positioning will have to improve if the NBA 2K League wants to keep people interested.  Other issues I can think of are celebrations after clutch shots causing defense to not get back, especially if the player has not prompted a celebration, and moving screens its not called often in the League or in console 2K.

I would like to hear from you all about this topic?  Do you think the NBA 2K League will give us a better 2K game.  Hit me up on Twitter!!



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