This week’s Feature Friday is no other than ALittleLady87.  Lady made it to the top 250 in the NBA 2Kleague and if I could bet she will be in the league next year.  She is a serious baller and an overall great person.  I’ve had fun playing 2K with her the few times we had a chance.  Check her out below and click here if you want to be featured as well!



“I played basketball in highschool. I like to “attempt” to play with the spirit of Stojaković and TMac.”

Social Media

ALittleLady87 for everything



What system(s) do you play NBA 2k on?

PS4 rarely Xbox One

How long have you played the NBA 2k franchise? What was the first NBA 2k that you played?

I’ve been playing since NBA 2k6.

Image result for NBA 2K6

What mode(s) do you play in NBA 2k?

All Modes except My GM

Do you play Pro-am?


If you answered yes do you play for a team(s) and state the name of your team(s)

I play with Kryptonite, BLH, and MCPA Vipers

Charlotte Vipers

What position is your My Player? Also, what is your My Player archetype, weight, height and overall? (you may list multiple)

I’ve made about 10 builds atleast one of each position. My highest overall is a 91 Athletic Post Center 7’3

Did you participate in the 2k Combine? How was your overall experience?

I participated in the combine and it was… I’ll just say I liked it better than walk-on. Ultimately it was great overall, considering I became one of the Top 250 to be considered for the actual league.

Do you plan on participating in the NBA 2k League next season?





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