PREVIEW: BallLikeHer MyPark Tournament.

BallLikeHer the all women sports gaming community is having a MyPark tournament on Friday, June 29th at 5pm EST.  The games will be streaming on Prettylovespink twitch channel.  Here is the list of ladies participating and their archetypes:



ALittleLady87 – Pure Slasher

PrettyLovesPink – Two-way Sharpshooter

GamerGirl_Camp – (NBk_WatchMeCamp) -Athletic Sharpshooter



IdcWhyShuDU (Tiff) – Pure sharpshooter

xxBlackvenusXX – Slashing sharpshooter

GeorgiaNative25 – Slashing rebounder


TEAM COOKIE Image result for dancing clipart gif

CookieLyon03 – Rebounding athletic finisher

Crazyg84 (Crazygirl84)  – Slashing Shot-creator

Justkicknit08 (Jet_4lyfe)  – Sharpshooting playmaker



OkgetemB–  Playmaker slasher

SugeyB Real – Shot-creating post scorer

Yup_Lay – Two way sharpshooter





The games will be the best 2 out of 3 and will be fun to watch.  I can’t do an accurate prediction because of course I want TEAM COOKIE to win, but all these ladies can definitely ball, it will be a MUST SEE!  Follow BallLikeHer2k on Twitter for updates.  And if you are a woman sports gamer and you want to join BallLikeHer go to our Twitter Page and slide in the DMs. 









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