#TBT Games I loved Growing up: EA Skate (The series)

Throwback Thursday!!!!!!! This is definitely I loved when I was already grown, but was stilling growing within as a person.  Back 2007, EA decided to make a skateboarding game that rivaled Tony Hawk Pro Skater.  This game was different it used the “flick it” control system, which was pretty innovative at the time.


Image result for ea skate 1 Image result for ea skate 2  Image result for ea skate 3

Skate started off with a more realistic approach to skating.  The open world in the game was massive and you could use the world to find places to pull off cool tricks.  Because the the “flick it” system with the right-stick it made the tricks feel more satisfying then other skateboarding games.  The series progressed and improved throughout the years.  I will say Skate 3 was my favorite, because it had the online capability to skate around with your friends.  I wish EA will listen to all the people who are begging for a return of the series it would be a breathe of fresh air.  I will say its downfall was maybe coming out every year its a game that does not need to have a yearly release.

Image result for ea skate 3 gif

Image result for ea skate 2

Image result for ea skate 2 gif

No words to describe how fun this game was and how it is needed currently.  I hope EA comes up with a way to bring back the series.  Check out the videos below:









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