#TBT Games I Loved Growing Up: Joe Montana Football

Happy Thursday everyone time for another throwback game.  This week’s game is one of Electronic Arts first football games besides John Madden.

Image result for joe montana football sega genesis


Joe Montana Football was the first football game I remember playing that change the camera to the overhead view instead of sideways like Tecmo Bowl.  It featured the hottest QB and one the greatest QB Joe Montana.  When you started the game first thing you would hear is “Welcome to Joe Montana Football.”


Once you started the game Joe Montana would give you his gameplan for the team.  If you decided to choose “Joe’s Plays” it could help you win.


Looking at the game now it was nothing spectacular about the game, but for back then it was a stepping stone for how games would be developed.  Using a famous cover athlete and great playbook.  Legend has it that Joe Montana Football was developed so well that it would have surpassed Madden, but it was scaled back and sold more as an arcade style game right before release.  Check out this video of some of the gameplay.


If you have any suggestions for more Throwback games hit me up on Twitter.  Also, checkout Militia Gaming League every Wednesday at 8pm on Twitch for their game of the week.

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