FEATURE FRIDAY: Philly is Goofy

YOOOOO its FRIDAY and time for another great feature.  “The Made Men” are in the building and this week I am featuring Philly is Goofy.  I have not played 2K with him because he on the XBOX, but I won’t judge.  He has some serious game and is a great big man I am a fan of The Made Men Pro-am team and if you haven’t seen Philly is Goofy play you need to.  He has played over 1,000 Pro-am games and it shows with his skills check out his feature below and follow him on all his social media.

Philly is Goofy



“I try to stream daily on my twitch and if we play any top teams I upload them to my YouTube.  And of right now I have 1,191 games of pro am played which is the 87th most pro am games played in the world. “


Social Media








What system(s) do you play NBA 2k on?

Xbox 1

How long have you played the NBA 2k franchise? What was the first NBA 2k that you played?


What mode(s) do you play in NBA 2k?

Pro am, park, my career

Do you play Pro-am?


If you answered yes do you play for a team(s) and state the name of your team(s)

 The MADE Men

The MADE Men

What position is your My Player? Also, what is your My Player archetype, weight, height and overall? (you may list multiple)

I have went through pretty much every big man build but my favorite is a 
Sharpshooting Athletic finisher 7’2” 275 lbs, 92 overall

Did you participate in the 2k Combine? How was your overall experience?

 Yes, I loved it, I thought it was an amazing experience! I averaged 20 points, 16 rebounds and 6 assists! 

Do you plan on participating in the NBA 2k League next season?



Best experience in Pro-Am. Most memorable game.

My most memorable game just happened, I was running with my team and we were down 9 points with 1 minute left in the game against a top 100 team and we ended up coming back to win! 






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