This week's Feature Friday is no other than Naae93.  She stays on the 2K grind and her player is a 99 overall, making her only one of the few NBA 2K woman ballers to accomplish that feat.  She plays the small forward position.  Please check her out below. If you would like to be featured … Continue reading FEATURE FRIDAY: NAAE93


This week's #Feature Friday post is Fastblackkid.  He is a small forward and plays competitive Pro-Am.  I love to watch other Small Forwards play that can seem to do it all.  I have not yet played with him, but from what I have seen seems like he can drop buckets....well he did make it to … Continue reading FEATURE FRIDAY: FASTBLACKKID

FEATURE FRIDAY: Bedaboss24 aka Butch850

When I looked to see who was up next for Feature Friday this week I was like..... Bedaboss24 aka Butch850 or Baldy as we call him in our crew is a PF that plays big.  He is crafty to the basket and a fast high flyer willing to have his teammates back under the rim … Continue reading FEATURE FRIDAY: Bedaboss24 aka Butch850

FEATURE FRIDAY: Stylezgtdajuice

Another FEATURE FRIDAY! This week I am featuring Stylezgtdajuice.  I love doing these features to learn about new players.  She is a baller on the Xbox one and has a sharpshooting/slasher build that is ready for competitive Pro-am play.  Follow her on all her social and if you want to be featured please click here … Continue reading FEATURE FRIDAY: Stylezgtdajuice


Its FEATURE FRIDAY! This week I am featuring Lifegamer91.  I have never played with him before, but I watched some of his combine footage.  He looks to be a solid PG that likes to get everyone involved and very vocal on the court.  Hit him up on all of his social media and follow him.  … Continue reading FEATURE FRIDAY: Lifegamer91


Hello World!  This week's #FeatureFriday I am highlighting the homie Based_Facts.  I have played with him over the years believe it was 2k15 in the Jordan Rec Center we first balled together.  He is a hustler and gets his points very efficiently.  Hit him up if you want to ball with him you won't regret … Continue reading FEATURE FRIDAY: Based_Facts


This week I am featuring the homegirl NBK_WatchMeCamp.  I have been able to play with her a few games because both of us are members of the NBA 2K women community @BallLikeHer2K (make sure you follow).  She has this athletic/shooting PF that is the truth, hard to guard with her because she takes shots were … Continue reading FEATURE FRIDAY: NBK_WatchMeCamp