PREVIEW: BallLikeHer MyPark Tournament.

BallLikeHer the all women sports gaming community is having a MyPark tournament on Friday, June 29th at 5pm EST.  The games will be streaming on Prettylovespink twitch channel.  Here is the list of ladies participating and their archetypes:   TEAM PINK ALittleLady87 – Pure Slasher PrettyLovesPink – Two-way Sharpshooter GamerGirl_Camp - (NBk_WatchMeCamp) -Athletic Sharpshooter   TEAM TIFF … Continue reading PREVIEW: BallLikeHer MyPark Tournament.

Crazygirl84: How I became a Gamer

I am known on PSN as Crazygirl84 I am a female gamer. Yes, the 84 is the year I was born, April 28th.  I have been gaming since I could remember, I have a picture with me playing Atari, and its always been my enjoyment and my relief. Being an only child contributed to my … Continue reading Crazygirl84: How I became a Gamer

Will the NBA 2K League Give us a Better NBA 2K Video Game?

After the Memorial Day weekend, and taking advantage of the ONE day of double XP.  I have played a lot of NBA 2K over the last couple days than I normally do.  I also, got a chance to watch a few NBA 2K league games. The NBA 2K League is well on their way and … Continue reading Will the NBA 2K League Give us a Better NBA 2K Video Game?

#TBT Games I Loved Growing Up: Paperboy

So apparently this game was released in arcades first in 1985.  I remember first playing it on Nintendo and it was one of the first games I had besides Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt.  Its a game to see how high of a score a player can get by accurately throwing papers in yards or … Continue reading #TBT Games I Loved Growing Up: Paperboy

Has Social Media Helped Gaming?

Everyone that games knows party chats always spark great conversations.  This past weekend I posed the question:  Has social media and streaming services helped gaming or hindered gaming? I know there are many points that can be argued let me know your opinions Like, Share and Comment. SOCIAL MEDIA HAS HELPED GAMING IN THE FOLLOWING … Continue reading Has Social Media Helped Gaming?


I have had Fortnite for awhile and have learned to play the basics.  With the popularity growing since you see NBA, NFL and music stars such as Drake and Travis Scott even stream and play this FREE game has taking the gaming world by storm (see what I did there).  I play some, but only … Continue reading I AM I TOO LATE TO MASTER FORTNITE??