HAPPY FRIDAY!!  It is time for another great Feature Friday.  This week I am featuring KingPharaohz AKA TheSGKid.  He is a great comp baller that also made the top 250 in the NBA 2K League.  He had to make a decision that prevented him to be part of the 102, but I know next year … Continue reading FEATURE FRIDAY: KingPharaohz AKA TheSGKid

FEATURE FRIDAY: Trillfamily2 AKA MsLady2k

Hello World it's Crazygirl and its Friday....and I did get paid!  This week's Feature is from Trillfamily2 AKA MsLady2k.  She is serious about her 2K and her Pro-am skills.  She has multiple myplayers and is a great addition on the court with her basketball IQ.  Her IQ is credited to playing Division I.  Check out … Continue reading FEATURE FRIDAY: Trillfamily2 AKA MsLady2k


It's Friday time for another great Feature!  This week's feature is Ray2Kay, he is definitely a humble good brother in the basketball gaming universe.  I learned a little about him doing this feature of how he uses video games to cope with some difficulties in his life.  He is a 99 overall with one of … Continue reading FEATURE FRIDAY: Ray2kay

#TBT Games I loved Growing up: EA Skate (The series)

Throwback Thursday!!!!!!! This is definitely I loved when I was already grown, but was stilling growing within as a person.  Back 2007, EA decided to make a skateboarding game that rivaled Tony Hawk Pro Skater.  This game was different it used the "flick it" control system, which was pretty innovative at the time.       … Continue reading #TBT Games I loved Growing up: EA Skate (The series)

FEATURE FRIDAY: Gapingsungaming

It's Friday its Friyay!  This week's Feature Friday is no other than Gapingsungaming.  I have not played with him before, but doing this week's feature I was able to learn more about him.  He played Mycareer for years, but never played Pro-am until this year.  I find that very interesting and I can appreciate that … Continue reading FEATURE FRIDAY: Gapingsungaming

#TBT Games I Loved Growing Up: NBA Live 2005

It's Thursday!  It's Thursday! This week #TBT game is NBA Live 2005 for the Playstation 2.  I try to think what was I doing in 2004-2005?  I know I was in Atlanta part of the time and came back to Virginia.  My Godson Khi was born August of 2005 so I know I was prepping … Continue reading #TBT Games I Loved Growing Up: NBA Live 2005

Crazygirl84: How I became a Gamer

I am known on PSN as Crazygirl84 I am a female gamer. Yes, the 84 is the year I was born, April 28th.  I have been gaming since I could remember, I have a picture with me playing Atari, and its always been my enjoyment and my relief. Being an only child contributed to my … Continue reading Crazygirl84: How I became a Gamer