It's Fridayyyyyyyyyyy the 13th and guess who's playing Jason.   This week's Feature Friday is from no other than Optima_sxTGDi, I will say his feature was so enjoyable to do he is a real character and very entertaining.  Little background I was suppose to do his feature awhile ago, but he changed his name and … Continue reading FEATURE FRIDAY: OptimaGLg AKA Optima_SxTGDI


HAPPY FRIDAY!!  It is time for another great Feature Friday.  This week I am featuring KingPharaohz AKA TheSGKid.  He is a great comp baller that also made the top 250 in the NBA 2K League.  He had to make a decision that prevented him to be part of the 102, but I know next year … Continue reading FEATURE FRIDAY: KingPharaohz AKA TheSGKid


It is Friday and Who got paid???  This week's Feature Friday is from Dread_Head-02.  I have not played with him in NBA 2K18, but from doing his feature I see he is a serious comp player.  His stats are amazing and his hustle and determination is the reason he is a 99 overall!!  Those of … Continue reading FEATURE FRIDAY: DREAD_HEAD-02 AKA C_hrisRich


This week's Feature Friday is no other than Naae93.  She stays on the 2K grind and her player is a 99 overall, making her only one of the few NBA 2K woman ballers to accomplish that feat.  She plays the small forward position.  Please check her out below. If you would like to be featured … Continue reading FEATURE FRIDAY: NAAE93


This week I am featuring the homegirl NBK_WatchMeCamp.  I have been able to play with her a few games because both of us are members of the NBA 2K women community @BallLikeHer2K (make sure you follow).  She has this athletic/shooting PF that is the truth, hard to guard with her because she takes shots were … Continue reading FEATURE FRIDAY: NBK_WatchMeCamp

Feature Friday: iSTYLEZ6 AKA @iSTYLEZ80NINE

IStylez6 or iStylez80nine is a player that I have known for awhile and have played with in the past.  When we have played he is a playmaking type PG that can score and see the floor well.  He has potential to become one of the players in the league if he stays focus and keeps … Continue reading Feature Friday: iSTYLEZ6 AKA @iSTYLEZ80NINE


As I promised, every Friday I will be featuring one or two NBA 2k players on my blog.  This week I wanted to feature a woman NBA 2k by the name of ABPureblood20.  Checkout her info and make sure you follow her on her social media.   ABPureblood20 Age: 26 Additional Info:  Played high school … Continue reading FEATURE FRIDAY: ABPureblood20