FEATURE FRIDAY: Philly is Goofy

YOOOOO its FRIDAY and time for another great feature.  "The Made Men" are in the building and this week I am featuring Philly is Goofy.  I have not played 2K with him because he on the XBOX, but I won't judge.  He has some serious game and is a great big man I am a … Continue reading FEATURE FRIDAY: Philly is Goofy


This week's Feature Friday is no other than ALittleLady87.  Lady made it to the top 250 in the NBA 2Kleague and if I could bet she will be in the league next year.  She is a serious baller and an overall great person.  I've had fun playing 2K with her the few times we had … Continue reading FEATURE FRIDAY: ALittleLady87

FEATURE FRIDAY: Stillmiami305

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! The weekend is upon us and its Feature Friday time.  This week I am featuring Stillmiami305.  I have played with him a few times, he is a big supporter of @BallLikeHer2k.  If we need a 5th for Pro-am he will always come through.  Check him out below and if you want to be … Continue reading FEATURE FRIDAY: Stillmiami305


This week's Feature Friday is a player by the name of JHolly43.  I appreciate him participating he looks like he is active in the NBA 2K Pro-am circuit.  He has multiple builds, but seems to be comfortable at the PF or Center position.   I like what he said when played a top team "Simple defense … Continue reading FEATURE FRIDAY: JHOLLY43


This week's #Feature Friday post is Fastblackkid.  He is a small forward and plays competitive Pro-Am.  I love to watch other Small Forwards play that can seem to do it all.  I have not yet played with him, but from what I have seen seems like he can drop buckets....well he did make it to … Continue reading FEATURE FRIDAY: FASTBLACKKID


This week I am featuring the homegirl NBK_WatchMeCamp.  I have been able to play with her a few games because both of us are members of the NBA 2K women community @BallLikeHer2K (make sure you follow).  She has this athletic/shooting PF that is the truth, hard to guard with her because she takes shots were … Continue reading FEATURE FRIDAY: NBK_WatchMeCamp

Feature Friday: iSTYLEZ6 AKA @iSTYLEZ80NINE

IStylez6 or iStylez80nine is a player that I have known for awhile and have played with in the past.  When we have played he is a playmaking type PG that can score and see the floor well.  He has potential to become one of the players in the league if he stays focus and keeps … Continue reading Feature Friday: iSTYLEZ6 AKA @iSTYLEZ80NINE