Special Edition Feature Friday: NBA 2K League Showcase

IT'S FRIDAY and I did get paid.  I am not doing a normal feature this week, I will be back next week featuring people from the basketball gaming community.  I wanted to highlight this week's NBA 2K League Showcase that took place last night featuring NBA 2K league players, members of the community and NBA … Continue reading Special Edition Feature Friday: NBA 2K League Showcase


It's Fridayyyyyyyyyyy the 13th and guess who's playing Jason.   This week's Feature Friday is from no other than Optima_sxTGDi, I will say his feature was so enjoyable to do he is a real character and very entertaining.  Little background I was suppose to do his feature awhile ago, but he changed his name and … Continue reading FEATURE FRIDAY: OptimaGLg AKA Optima_SxTGDI


This week I am featuring the homegirl NBK_WatchMeCamp.  I have been able to play with her a few games because both of us are members of the NBA 2K women community @BallLikeHer2K (make sure you follow).  She has this athletic/shooting PF that is the truth, hard to guard with her because she takes shots were … Continue reading FEATURE FRIDAY: NBK_WatchMeCamp


As I promised, every Friday I will be featuring one or two NBA 2k players on my blog.  This week I wanted to feature a woman NBA 2k by the name of ABPureblood20.  Checkout her info and make sure you follow her on her social media.   ABPureblood20 Age: 26 Additional Info:  Played high school … Continue reading FEATURE FRIDAY: ABPureblood20

Has Social Media Helped Gaming?

Everyone that games knows party chats always spark great conversations.  This past weekend I posed the question:  Has social media and streaming services helped gaming or hindered gaming? I know there are many points that can be argued let me know your opinions Like, Share and Comment. SOCIAL MEDIA HAS HELPED GAMING IN THE FOLLOWING … Continue reading Has Social Media Helped Gaming?

10 of the Worst Things and 10 of the Best Things About Being a Female Gamer

I posed this question in a group chat I am in on Twitter with female gamers.  What is the best thing about being a female gamer and the worst thing about being a female gamer?  Women that game are looked at to be such a rarity, especially in eSports.  Women that play video games are … Continue reading 10 of the Worst Things and 10 of the Best Things About Being a Female Gamer